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Helping the Vision Impaired

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Supporting Our Cause

The Redwood Lions Memorial Foundation is focused on helping those in need receive the vision care they deserve. Do your part to help better the community today.

Lending a Helping Hand

We can't do this alone. Contact us today to get involved or simply make a donation. All funds go directly to our charitable programs. We have no administrative costs.

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Our Story

Make a difference in the lives of the vision impaired by supporting the Redwood Lions Memorial Foundation of Santa Rosa, California. We provide equipment, exams, and training for those in need.

What makes us so effective is that we are in every country in the world and have 1.3 million members who are here to help. We are the largest service organization in the world.

Vision Statement

Our mission is to enhance the vision of those who are impaired and to provide a place to train those who are vision impaired. We aim to create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs providing voluntary services through community involvement and international contraption. With your help, we provide equipment, checkups, and surgeries for low income individuals, homeless shelters, battered women's centers, and the Salvation Army™

Contact us at (877) 798-3521 to help us create life-changing opportunities for the vision impaired.

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